Some might say today that wedding lighting is perhaps superfluous, but the facts indicate that a carefully mounted lighting provides vast possibilities for venue decoration. Ambience thus created certainly affects the mood of the wedding guests making it more pleasant and relaxing. In addition to the aforementioned decorative role or “space coloring” in all possible hues, lighting is also responsible for the creation of so-called “moving” effect. With its movement, the lighting creates dynamics on dance floor and thus encourages the guests to dance. Besides lighting there are plenty of special effects (low fog, sparkle fountains, bubbles, confetti, etc…) which can achieve an exclusive experience for you and your guests. All our devices are mutually networked and managed at all times by the Lighting Master (Light Jockey) who’s task is to adapt the complete lighting to the current atmosphere and music rhythm in order to achieve spectacular effects. So, for instance slow-dancing will be followed by gentle movements of light rays with a slight admixture of fog, bubbles and the desired color, whereas the more “vigorous” dance hits will be followed by faster movements of light rays and the strobe effect. We have prepared the following 4 standardised packages with different lightning options. Each of the listed packages is specific, but liable to changes according to your preferences.


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